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rebel melt


Congratulations to Sonya Jan!  Check your inbox for details.

The photo was of course from Rebel Melt and featured their famous Memphis Melt with Sage Fries & Appalachian aioli.

More about Rebel Melt…

Rebel Melt Food Truck serves up hillbilly-inspired grilled sandwiches (aka ‘sammiches’ or ‘melts’) and other tasty bites.

Family owned & operated by Marla, Jeff & Stevie, Rebel Melt’s flavours are inspired by the Southern dishes of our American family who hail from Kentucky, Ohio, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama & California, to name a few. Throw in a dash of Saskatchewan & a dollop of Canada and you get Rebel Melt Food Truck – Americana meets Canadiana, grilled-cheese style!!