Gourmet Hot Doggs, home fries and more! Sauces and toppings are made from scratch by our certified chef. We have created a fun and delicious spin with some of your favourite foods, and incorporated them with our Doggs. To mention a few we have a Pizza Dogg, Mac and cheese Dogg, Bacon mushroom swiss Dogg, Chilli Dogg, please see our full menu with the rest of our Doggs and sides.
We are available for any type of event, corporate, private parties/functions, weddings, rodeo’s, fair’s, ball tournaments. Please do not hesitate to call. 306-222-7968 or 306-261-2058

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Hot Doggin Menu

Classic Dogg

Served with your choice of toppings

Chilli Dogg

Homemade Chilli topped with shredded cheddar

Pizza Dogg

Homemade pizza sauce, pepperoni, shredded mozzarella

Slaw Dogg

Homemade honey mustard slaw, topped with honey roasted peanuts

Bacon Mushroom Swiss Dogg

Bacon, fried mushrooms, shredded swiss, mayo

Mac & Cheese Dogg

Homemade 3 cheese blend macaroni

All Day Breakfast Dogg

Hash browns, bacon, salsa, cheddar cheese, egg sunny side up

Smokie Dogg

Choose from regular or jalapeno cheddar, served with your choice of toppings


Home fries, Chilli cheese fries, 6 – Deep fried perogies (potato, onion & cheese), (dessert perogies w/scoop of ice cream), Honey mustard slaw


Ketchup, mustard, relish, raw chopped white onion, pickle, sauerkraut, banana pepper, hot sauce, mayo, add cheese or bacon Dips – Homemade dill dip, sour cream


Can of pop, bottled water, Slush Puppie

All Doggs served on your choice of regular or salt and pepper bun

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