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Do you work in a building with lots of people but limited lunch options? Why not request a food truck to come out to liven things up?

Many of our food trucks are available to schedule a food truck lunch day! The food truck lunch experience offers your employees and coworkers a chance to enjoy a freshly prepared meal on-site while still getting the chance to step out of the office, get some fresh air and conversation. A great way to boost morale within the company!

The Saskatoon Food Truck Association makes scheduling a food truck lunch rotation a breeze! We have over 12 different trucks for you to try out. We make up the schedule and the flyer so all you have to do is enjoy gourmet meal-on-wheels with your co-workers!

Food truck rotations offer a variety of delicious options for your coworkers to enjoy. Rotations can be scheduled in advance on a weekly or monthly basis depending on your preference. Contact [email protected] for details.

*Most trucks require a minimum of 50-100 people who plan to enjoy lunch.